• Working together

    I talked about my first year of pair programming at the London Ruby User Group’s September 2016 meeting. I heard about pair programming a few years ago and tried it a few times. Last year, I jumped in and started pairing full-time. Working so closely with clients, colleagues, juniors and seniors was challenging. Now I enjoy pairing more than flying solo and I’ve seen the benefits for myself and my teammates. This talk is about the challenges and benefits of working more closely with one another.

  • Knot programming

    At the first Makers Alumni talks night, I told the story of how I learned how to tie knots on boats. It’s a practical skill with elegant results, and many more ways to put you in a bind. Disclaimer: this talk is not about knots. It’s about the challenges of learning by doing; about enough to keep the boat sailing.

  • Concourse: CI as Code

    Henry Stanley and I gave a talk at the London PaaS User Group (LOPUG), on Concourse, our beloved continuous delivery and pipelining tool. Concourse is a CI system that decouples your project from all the little details of testing and delivery. It offers pipelines as first-class citizens, a clean container for every build, and a beautiful UI.

  • Beyond Makers Academy

    In my second talk at Makers Academy I shared four thoughts for each day from Zen and a few other ideas that have changed the way I think.

  • Improving specs with RSpec 3

    In my second tech talk at globaldev I demonstrated some new features in RSpec 3 that could improve your specs: verifying doubles, composable matchers and test spies.

  • Miniseries: Meet the graduate

    I was interviewed by Ruben Kostucki, the maestro at Makers Academy, to share my experience of changing career by learning how to code at Makers Academy. Enjoy the video miniseries!

  • Starting out

    I went back to Makers Academy to share my experience of starting out as a junior developer and demonstrated Encounters—the first feature I worked on at globaldev.

  • From West End theatre to coding everyday

    Last year I changed career and became a beginner again. As one of the first junior developers at globaldev my colleagues were curious about how I made the change.